All About Starvin Marvins #BayAreaBBQ

Formal creation and competing for Starvin Marvins Bay Area BBQ started in 2010, but the love of the art and creation of BBQ had started long before that.  The actual concept of Starvin Marvins started on the beaches of Maui in 2009.  Dreams of running a island based BBQ joint were born in and probably the product of a Mai Tai haze.  Shortly after that trip when the haze cleared, the original three entered Rib-a-Palooza, a rib throwdown in Turlock, California to test their BBQ prowess against other Northern and Central California teams.  Although the results were not a first place finish, they did accomplish their one goal…don’t finish last.  They took the famous Ricky Bobby quote and made it their own, “If we don’t finish last, we’re doing alright.”  Regardless of the quality of BBQ turned in that day, the competition BBQ hook was set.

All About Our #BBQ

When it comes to food, Starvin Marvins Bay Area BBQ believes in the process as much as the end result.  What is this process?  It starts way before any ribs are sliced or fires are light.  There are so many decisions that go into BBQ before the smoke starts to roll.   Spares or baby backs?  Which racks of ribs should we buy?  How many?  How should we trim them?  Which rub will we use?   Which sauce?  How should we cook? Over what kind of wood?  Should we throw on some wings to eat while we’re waiting for those ribs to finish up?  Which rub should we use on those wings?  What should we drink with them?  You get the idea…  Obsession has negative connotations so let’s call this process a passion.  It’s a voice that’s always in our heads and a way of life.

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