All About Starvin Marvins #BayAreaBBQ

Formal creation and competing for Starvin Marvins Bay Area BBQ started in 2010, but the love of the art and creation of BBQ had started long before that. The actual concept of Starvin Marvins started on the beaches of Maui in 2009. Dreams of running a island based BBQ joint were born in and probably the product of a Mai Tai haze. Shortly after that trip when the haze cleared, the original three entered Rib-a-Palooza, a rib throwdown in Turlock, California to test their BBQ prowess against other Northern and Central California teams. Although the results were not a first place finish, they did accomplish their one goal…don’t finish last. They took the famous Ricky Bobby quote and made it their own, “If we don’t finish last, we’re doing alright.” Regardless of the quality of BBQ turned in that day, the competition BBQ hook was set.

The team consists of four members, Scott (Scooter), Dustin (Big Sloppy), Mike (Missouri Mike) and Jonathan (Joe Nathan). We BBQ and grill on a wide variety of cookers including Weber Smokey Mountain, Weber Kettles, Big Green Eggs, and Green Mountain Grills. Our competition set-up includes 22.5″ Weber Smokey Mountains all powered with BBQ Guru and the Green Mountain Grill Davey Crockett.

Through the next few years, the boys of Starvin Marvins competed every summer around California in KCBS and CBBQA events with some ups and downs. Competition BBQ opened the door to some opportunities including our work on a Dr. BBQ cookbook, BBQ recipes created to pair with local brews, and work with several national BBQ brands. We have some exciting plans in the works that we can’t wait to share with ya’ll. Check out our Instagram feed to stay up to date on the latest and greatest from your favorite and best lookin’ team in competition BBQ!

Catering: Good news! Yes we do cater, but due to our limited capacity on our smokers we can only handle smaller parties. If you’re interested in having BBQ at your next event, contact us. Even if your party is big, contact us! We have lots of friends we can refer!

Classes: We don’t offer competition BBQ classes, but we can show you some tips and secrets to up your BBQ game. We can put together packages for Father’s Day gifts, bachelor’s parties, or just a group of your buddies looking for some fun!

Sponsorships/Brand Ambassadors: We have worked with some world-class brands to spread the good word of BBQ. We control active Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts followed both by BBQ enthusiasts and industry.




Big Sloppy

Big Sloppy


Missouri Mike

Missouri Mike


Joe Nathan

Joe Nathan


Starvin Marvins Bay Area BBQ is founded!  The boys signed up for a rib cookoff in Turlock, CA, printed off some shirts, and loaded their Big Green Egg in the car to give competition BBQ a try.  Mission accomplished!  They didn’t finish last (DAL).

They boys hear their name called for the first time (twice!) at a backyard competition in Sacramento.  They are now hooked!

After a summer of backyard competitions, the boys jump into the pro circuit, the KCBS.  At their second competition they got a call with a 5th place ribs at the 3rd Annual Biggest, Baddest BBQ Competition in Bakersfield, CA.  Not to mention their brief encounter with fame – pictured here with local celebs Mrs. Bakersfield and Ms. Bakersfield.


Look at that cookbook by BBQ royalty Dr. BBQ!  Guess who has six thumbs and cooked that brisket?  These guys!  It was a pleasure being a part of this project, so much fun!

Starvin Marvins pulls their first Grand Champion!  It was a three category cookoff, but we’ll take it all the same!

The boys had their best overall year and finished 8th in chicken in the CBBQA standings.

Mano A Mano goes big time!  The little rib throwdown that we had every year to prove who could cook the best ribs went public!  We partnered with Retzlaff Vineyards and had 25 teams competing for BBQ ribs bragging rights.  Oh, we also raised $4,100 for Autism Speaks while having a great day!  Win-Win!

In their second competition of 2017, the boys have their best overall results in a KCBS competition.  They finished up with a 4th in pork, 4th in brisket for a 5th place overall!

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