When it comes to food, Starvin Marvins Bay Area BBQ believes in the process as much as the end result. What is this process? It starts way before any ribs are sliced or fires are light. There are so many decisions that go into BBQ before the smoke starts to roll. Spares or baby backs? Which racks of ribs should we buy? How many? How should we trim them? Which rub will we use? Which sauce? How should we cook? Over what kind of wood? Should we throw on some wings to eat while we're waiting for those ribs to finish up? Which rub should we use on those wings? What should we drink with them? You get the idea... Obsession has negative connotations so let's call this process a passion. It's a voice that's always in our heads and a way of life.

The passion we have for our food and BBQ shines through whether we're cooking for six judges at a KCBS / CBBQA competition, catering a small party or even throwing something on the smoker for our families and friends. Although it's been over used in the food and beverage industry in the past few years, we do believe that good (and real) BBQ is hand-crafted.

We also believe that food is a way of life. We love to make people around us happy with our BBQ. For us there are few things better in life than putting a few racks of ribs on the smoker, a big pan of mac & cheese in the oven or some steaks on the grill and spending time with our friends and family and then sharing our passion with those closest to us. It's instant family.

If you're interested in sharing in this experience, we do offer several options, feel free to contact us below if you're interested in any of our services.

Catering: Good news! Yes we do cater, but due to our limited capacity on our smokers we can only handle smaller parties. If you're interested in having BBQ at your next event, contact us. Even if your party is big, contact us! We have lots of friends we can refer!

Classes: We don't offer competition BBQ classes, but we can show you some tips and secrets to up your BBQ game. We can put together packages for Father's Day gifts, bachelor's parties, or just a group of your buddies looking for some fun!

Sponsorships/Brand Ambassadors: We have worked with some world-class brands to spread the good word of BBQ. We control active Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts followed both by BBQ enthusiasts and industry.

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